Thoughts from a prior developer turned designer

These days with the plethora of boot-camp based educational institutions, it becomes confusing on what path or career choice to choose. With the promises of guaranteed employment in their respective fields of study, it seems like an offer hard to refuse.

Because both choices while seemingly similar at first mention, each has their separate merits, and before you decide to take the plunge one should ask oneself what they want to do.

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

Being a web developer requires you to learn specific languages that may be daunting at first. It also requires you to think abstractly when troubleshooting problematic code. Many enjoy this arduous process of debugging and compare it to be shipwrecked at sea, only to find their way home!

I had initially started out as a coder. As a recent graduate from a coding boot camp, I had learned the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and had built websites that were functional. I became drawn towards front end development because I had an eye for creativity. It was when I started my career in User Interface Design that I combined the two disciplines and this creating designs and then translating them to code was the perfect canvas to put my ideas into practice.